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Terms and conditions of hire and purchase

Last updated: April 8, 2024

  1. TERMS
    1. Subject to any variation expressly agreed in writing, the terms set out below shall form
      the contract between you (the “customer”) and the “Company”  (Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd
      otherwise known as “CMA Hire” and “White China”)
    1. The Company will only consider a job confirmed once we have received a signed copy of the
      booking confirmation with the deposit paid.
    2.  An order has been deemed to be accepted by the company when an order confirmation has been
      processed and forwarded to the customer.
    3. The customer named on the booking form is responsible for the goods hired by the Company
      and any loss or damages that may occur.
      1. Any items found after the loss invoice has been sent must be returned to the depot within 7 working days otherwise a full loss will be charged due to loss of future hire.
    4.  It is the responsibility of the customer to have a representative on site to accept, check
      and sign for the goods on delivery and collection.
    5. Hired goods shall remain the property of Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd  at all
    6. Unless stated, all equipment is hired for indoor use and storage only.  Damage through damp
      or wet will be charged.
    7. Usage:
      1. Charger plates must NOT be eaten from, or damage will occur resulting in a
        replacement charge being issued
      2. Nothing is to be attached to the goods without permission from the Company, this
        includes vinyl stickers. Charges to clean, repair or replace may apply.
      3. Gas appliances must NOT be used below ground level and should be sited in a well
        ventilated area.
      4. Linen: White & Ivory candles are only permitted on our table linen if a slip
        cloth or mirror
        base are in place. Coloured wax is only permitted on our table linen if bases are in place.
        NO WAX is to be placed directly onto table runners. Irremovable wax stains could result in a
        full replacement charge being issued.
      5. Linen: Damaged caused by burn holes, stapling, nail glue, grease, pens or crayons
        will see a
        full replacement charge levied. Linen returned in very bad condition may require additional
        stain treatments to remove stains, this charge is £15.00 per treatment. Please note we can
        remove all wine and most food stains.
      6. Linen: should be free of any food or debris prior to re packing. This includes
        streamers and wedding favours which can cause irremovable stains.
      7. Linen: must not be returned damp or wet. Wet linen can result in mildew of which we
        are unable to remove. A full replacement cost will be issued for any mildew that has taken
        hold due to dampness. Any damp linen we recommend to be hung out to air until collection.
      8. Always handle items with care, damage caused by deviating from our care terms,
        listed, will likely
        result in full replacement charges being issued.
      9. All cutlery will be sent in protective wrapping to avoid cutlery rattling during
        transport, which
        causes damage. Please keep the PAPER and wrap to reuse on return.
      10. Cutlery: once cutlery has been used, please remove food debris and carefully band
        cutlery using the additional bands provided in 10 to 15’s. NEVER hand wash, dish wash or use
        abrasive sponges to clean the cutlery. Please wrap each bundle in the paper it arrived in,
        lastly placing protective bubble wrap back on top to avoid damage in transit.
      11. Glassware: Glassware to only be used for the consumption of liquid and not to be used as candle holders.
    8. The prices for hire, the sale of goods and the provisions of services by the Company shall
      be those
      set out in the price list published by the Company on the date of delivery (or deemed delivery) or,
      in the
      cases of services, the date of provision of the quotation. Such prices can be varied by the Company
      without prior notice.
    9. For non account customers, all orders are accepted strictly on the basis that full payment
      must be
      received prior to delivery or collection of the goods hired
    10. Our minimum order value for equipment delivered goods is £300 including VAT.
    11. Payments can be made by bank transfer or by debit or credit card (fees may apply)
    12. At the time of booking, a rounded deposit of 25% of the order value will be required,
      subject to a
      minimum of £50. This is initially a booking deposit but, on payment of the actual hire invoice, this
      will become the breakage/loss deposit (equalling to 125% payment of the invoice). This will be
      refunded after the equipment has been returned and checked. When paying by debit/credit card, the
      company reserves the right to charge any losses and breakages directly to the customers credit/debit
      card without further notification.
    13. The order confirmation must be received 72 hours prior to the date of delivery. Every
      modification or confirmation received within less than 72 hours may result in additional charges.
    14. All prices quoted are including VAT
    15. Promotional offers cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or memberships schemes.
    16. Unit prices are reflective of a 24 hour or weekend hire period
    17.  For hire periods of longer than one weekend, special rates may be negotiated.
    18.  A wash up service will be added at an additional cost. The Company insists on this service
      order for us to maintain our high standards of cleanliness upon delivery. All items should be
      emptied of food and liquid prior to packing away, please see special care terms for our gold and
      silver plated
    19. Replacement or damage repair costs for lost or damaged goods will be invoiced at our
    20. No credit or refund will be allowed for unused items
    21. Any losses that equal to more than the deposit paid will be invoice and must be paid within
    22. We reserve the right to charge statutory interest which is currently set at 8% plus the
      Bank of
      England Base Rate for any account remaining unpaid for more than 28 days
    1. 72 hours notice must be given for cancellation on all bookings or the order will be charged
      in full. Confirmed bespoke orders cannot be cancelled.
    2. No request for cancellation shall be taken into account until notified to the Company in
    3. A charge of 10% of the proposed invoice total will be incurred on cancellation of an order
      more than four weeks prior to an event.
    4.  For cancellation of an order between four and two weeks of an event a charge of 50% of the
      proposed invoice total will be payable
    5. For cancellation within two weeks of the event Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd
      reserves the right to charge up to 100% of the proposed invoice total, although the company will use
      its best endeavours to reduce this charge where at all possible. All cancellation charges are
      subject to a minimum charge of £50
    1.  Any dates and times quoted by the Company are intended to be an estimate which we
      endeavour to meet.
    2. ANY time restrictions, stairs or distances longer than 15 metres should be advised
    3. Deliveries are expected to be on an unobstructed ground floor level. Additional
      could be incurred for failure to inform us of the aforementioned or if extra time is taken
      deliveries /collections which result in delays. In exceptional circumstances we may be
      unable to
    4.  Should a loading dock or sufficient parking space not be available on delivery or
      collection, additional charges may be incurred and invoiced separately.
    5.  An additional £80.00 per hour wait time will apply if the event space is not
      available for
      set up or break down as per the timings stated on the booking confirmation.
    6. An additional full day hire fee will apply if items are not ready to be picked up
      on the
      date/time stated on the booking confirmation
    7. Breakages can occur if this is not carried out, please note our drivers will NOT
      your hire. A charge will be levied for packing away items if required upon arrival of our
      This charge is £100.00 per hour, the time taken will be recorded by our driver.
    8. All containers used in the packing of hire items must be returned or a charge will
    9. If extra trips are required to collect missing items then a further charge will
    10. On site Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd is only responsible for loss or
      damage whilst
      the goods are in our possession.
    11. Queries regarding accuracy or quality of delivered goods must be made immediately
      delivery at the time goods are signed for.
    12. In the event of equipment breakdown or product failure or breakage, the Customer
      notify the Company of the fault immediately.
    13. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be
      directly or indirectly by the property, by an inadequacy of the venue or any defect in the
      venue, or
      by an incident in connection with the venue.
    14. Hired goods shall be at the customer’s own risk from the time of delivery through
      collection. Risk will not pass back to the Company in respect of hired goods until such
      goods are
      back in the physical possession of the Company.
    15. Customer collections: Arrangements will be made for the collection and returns of
      at an agreed time slot as agreed with the customer. Both returns and collections must be
      signed by
      the Hirer and the Company. Failure to return the equipment in the allocated time slot will
      lead to
      penalty charges.
    16. Customer collections: The Customer agrees to adhere to the additional customer
      rules and regulations
    1. During the entire period in which the goods are hired from the Company the customer shall
      remain responsible for such goods and, if appropriate,insure them.
    2.  No responsibility can be accepted for injury by use of equipment.
    3. Whilst Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd maintains statutory insurance cover, it
      accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or breakage caused by any of its staff.  The
      liability of Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd for a failure to fulfil any contract shall be
      limited to a waiver of any charges due by the customer.  No responsibility can be accepted for
      injury caused by the use of equipment hired.
    1. The Company’s total liability in contract, tort, misrepresentation, restitution or
      otherwise arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of the Company’s
      obligations under those terms will be limited to the price which the customer has agreed to pay for
      the hired or sold goods and/or the provision of the services supplied by the Company.
    1. These terms and any dispute arising out of or in connection with their subject matter shall
      be governed by English Law.
    1. The Company will never disseminate its client file and will keep it confidential. However
      Personal data may be forwarded to third parties tasked with order completion and payment as well as
      third-party companies when CMA Hire makes use of suppliers or subcontractors for contract
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