Frequently Asked Questions

What are your delivery charges?

Our delivery charges are based on the post code of where the equipment is to be delivered too.


What is a Wash up Charge?

A wash up charge is added to the cost of the hire of some equipment, as it needs to be cleaned and washed after it is returned to us. Some items do not have a wash up charge added to them, but we always inform the customers during the booking process so no hidden costs are added.

What are the deposit fees?

We ask our customers to pay a deposit on the equipment and this is based on the cost of the hire. For booking up to £100- £25 deposit, £100-£500- £50 deposit and over £500-10% of the cost to the nearest £10

What happens if we have a problem out of office hours?

We always hope this never happens, but if it does we have an out of office hours emergency phone number of 07860 466753. If you have a problem with lighting any equipment please click here.

What days do you deliver on?

We can deliver on a Thursday or Friday for a weekend event so you have time to set everything up and we only charge you 1 days hire for the whole weekend.
All our delivery vehicles have a tracker system so we can give you an accurate time window for delivery and we can phone you if they are going to be late due to unseen circumstances such as traffic delays

Do you have the dimensions and wattage for heavy equipment?

Yes, download here